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7 Awesome Ways Flash Drives Can Be Used for Your Promotions

Giving away cool USB flash drives would give your clients, fans and friends the impression that you’re innovative and that you’re willing to try new things to make them happy. Here are some ideas when you can use flash drives instead of CDs, DVDs, and plain old paper.

Release your Single in an awesome flash drive
USB Release single

Many musicians, from Bob Marley to Lady Gaga, have released albums in USB flash drives. They love the USB drive because they can pack in MP3 files plus exclusive video interviews, music videos, band member profiles, games, and many more. Check out these awesome Flash Drive Albums of famous artists.

Record live performance of your show/concert and sell it in USB Flash Drives at your booth
Concert USB Flash Drive

With flash drives, you can sell the video of your concert right after your show. Since your fans are still high from your performance, they would rave about. The only downside is that the line would definitely be long. 😉

Flash Drive for Your Talks/ Audio Books
Flash Drive for Movies

Here is a custom-molded 2GB USB drive filled with 35 episodes of “This American Life” radio show, hand picked by host Ira Glass. It also contains videos. So if you’re in the self-help industry or if you have a book in audio form, forget the CD and just go for flash drives. It’s a novel but practical item your fans would surely love. [via]

Flash Drives for Company Giveaways
Custom USB giveaway company

If you’re not sure what to give for your clients and employees during your company anniversary or during the holiday season, give them custom flash drives with your company logo. It’s the kind of gift no one would throw away! And, since you’re giving them flash drives anyway, make sure you save your company’s videos, calendars, and other promotional items to double your

Flash Drive Invites instead of the mushy cards
Wooden USB Drive invitation

Website invites have become the in thing lately but if you want something physical but still very hip, go for Flash Drive invites. Put a short animation video or a playlist, poster, games, whatever for your big event. Your friends surely won’t miss your party after receiving such an awesome invite.

Flash Drive Wedding Giveaways
USB wedding flash drive giveaway invite

So instead of your guests waiting for you to post photos of your wedding on Facebook, and instead of you coming up with creative wedding giveaways, why don’t you cut costs and cut time by combining them into one. Right after the pictorials, while they’re having their fifth glass of champagne, hand them your lovely wedding USB flash drive with all your photos.

Flash Drive for your Photography Business
Photogrpahy business USB

Are you still using DVDs for your photography business? Not that we hate DVDs. We love DVDs and lovely DVD packaging… for films. But for more pictures, a personalized USB flash drive just seems to work a lot better- not only in storing images but in marketing your photography business as well. [via]

USB Business Card to really impress the big guys
USB Drive Card
If you really want to impress your clients today, especially if you’re in a creative field, it’s not enough to have a plain-looking business card; Your business card has to be exceptional so you’ll leave an impression and so they won’t throw it away. If you give them something useful and creative such as this USB business card, you can bet your bottom dollar you’d get a call pretty soon. If you want inspiration for your business card design, check out these 100 really creative business cards.
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