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10 Things a Kick-Ass DVD Packaging Can Do

You did it. You just made your first feature film. It was really fulfilling but I bet it was also very exhausting. And just when you’re about to exhale, your co-filmmaker asked you about your DVD packaging. That’s the last thing you want to think about right now. You just want it to materialize because you have one thousand and one things to do.

But unless you have the money to pay for someone to do it for you, it’s not the best time to get lazy. You’ve made it this far, it’s not wise to slack off in marketing and packaging your product.

Here are the benefits of having a good-looking DVD packaging:

Adds Value to Your Product. Instead of putting a hundred more dollars for your posters, why don’t you use that amount to beautify your DVD packaging? That way, your money will be put directly to your product which will be given directly to the buyers. That means, the money you spend will be given to the buyers and not to the posters and other marketing collaterals.

Helps Create Your Brand. You may ask: What brand? Well, the brand is you- the filmmaker. You are the filmmaker and how you make your film, package yourself, and package your product constitute your brand. Tim Burton has a brand. Kubrick has a brand. James Cameron has a brand. Yes, because they are auteur and also because they’ve created an image in our heads that whenever we hear their names, we automatically associate them with certain things. When I hear Burton, I instantly think dark, messy, Use your DVD packaging to establish your brand.

Might Convince People to Buy Your DVD. Well, if your product LOOKS good, there’s a bigger chance people would buy it. Simple as that. Packaging affects customer purchase decisions.

Makes People Talk. If your DVD packaging is remarkable, people will talk about it. The kid who happens to pass by the video store and see your awesome DVD packaging would tell his brother about it. The brother would google your movie to see what his brother is talking about. He will like it, of course and share the link to his facebook, and probably even buy it the next day. You get the picture.

Makes Important People Talk. If you want to get featured in print media and blogs, then you absolutely have to make a good-looking DVD packaging that journalists and bloggers would be interested in. You have to give them something worth talking about aside from your film. They will absolutely love to feature your DVD packaging because it has pictures. Posters won’t give you the same advantage.

Won’t Ruin Your Bank Account. So you automatically shoo away the idea of having a creative DVD packaging because you automatically think it’s costly to make. Give it a chance. Talk to your DVD manufacturer or packaging designer about your budget and let them come up with cheap options. It’s not that expensive as you think. You can even include freebies that do not cost more than a dollar. Here are some ways you can cut down on duplication expenses.

Looks Good on Your Website. No matter how you beautify your website, nothing beats really good products. Your fans (and soon to be fans) want to know what you’ve got. Aside from the fluff, they want to see the real thing- your DVD. Giving them a really awesome DVD packaging will surely impress them.

Looks Good on Your Facebook Wall. This is basically like the website except that we’re talking about social networks. Having a good-looking DVD packaging will make your Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest more interesting.

Makes People Love You For Adding an Extra to Make Your Product Extra Special. People will see your efforts. They would know if you’re trying your best to produce something good or you’re just making something for the sake of getting things done- especially if it’s your first feature. Impress them all the way.

Gives You the Satisfaction That You’re Selling Something of Great Value. Nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction brought about by the fact that you’ve given it your best. It’s like having a badge pinned on your suit (or shirt) every single day. And I believe this is the best reason for having a remarkable DVD packaging.


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