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18 Weird But Cute Wedding Invites

Your wedding invitations shouldn’t be boring unless you accept that you and your soon-to-be hubby are, in fact, two boring people. Forget scented stationery! There are so many ways to customize your wedding invite- from having a custom wedding USB drive to wedding vinyl records to wedding balloons! Come up with a wedding invitation that suits your personality. Here are some of the most unique wedding invites for inspiration: (* In case you don’t know, we make Vinyl records, LPs, CDs, CD packaging, DVD packaging, custom USB Drives, USB packaging, posters, shirts a a whole lot of beautiful things).

Balloon Wedding Invite

balloon wedding invite

The balloon wedding invite is perfect if you want to give your friends a bit of a hard time before you reveal your message.  And since they’ll surely display the balloon somewhere in their living area, they’d be constantly reminded of your big day.

Viewmaster Wedding Invite
unique wedding invitation

viewmaster unique invitation

Not the cheapest idea for a wedding invite but if you’re looking for something really memorable, the Viewmaster is it!
Record Player Wedding Invite
record player wedding invitation

cd wedding invitation

A wedding invitation that plays a record. The hand-spun record yields a garbled, but scrutable listening of an original song by the couple.

CD Wedding Invite

Similar to the vinyl record This personal wedding invite & playlist is made by the couple. All hand typography is done in chalk. The CD is silk screened with a vinyl press varnish. Sweet!

Film Roll Wedding Invite

The film roll wedding invite is a cute idea for photographers or photography enthusiasts. But this is not something your friends would want to keep in their desks.

Passport Wedding Invite
passport wedding invite

The passport invite is for couples who love to travel or who have met during a travel. Nice and affordable!

3D Glasses Wedding Invite
3D glasses wedding invitation

The details to the wedding are only when you wear the 3D glasses. Ain’t that too cool?

Tying the Knot Wedding Invite

Well, of course. Tying the knot- literally. Who woulda thunk? Your friends would surely roll their eyes and give out a warm laugh when they open your wedding invitation.

USB Wedding Invite
wedding invitation USB

If you can afford a USB Flash Drive wedding invite, go ahead! Everyone would love it and surely no one would throw it away like they’d do with the flimsy stationery. Here are more trendy wedding flash drives for you to choose from. Ask them to bring the Flash Drives during your wedding. It’s where they’ll store your wedding photos.

” Pencil Us In” Wedding Invite

wedding invitation concepts

Pencil us in and they give away a pencil. I find it cute!

Tin Can Wedding Invite
wedding invitation cans

This is by far the most creative wedding invite I’ve seen. I’d surely HATE to miss a wedding with this kind of invite.

Not actually weird but something that would be a keepsake. I imagine opening the package and wondering ” wha..huh? I didn’t order any spoon?” But then I read the text on the eco cardboard and go awww. Definitely going because spoon equals plenty of food!

Cardboard Wheel Wedding Invite

You can DIY this kind of wedding invite or have a small company do it for you. It’s too cute. You just have to roll the wheel to get the info.

Flip-Flops Wedding Invite
wedding invite flipflop

For beach lovers…why not?

Geeky Wedding Invitation
atari wedding invitation

An invite that only game freaks would love. LOL.

Paper Doll Wedding Invite
paperdoll wedding invitation

Quirky and fun and the kids will surely snatch it away from their parents’ hands.

The Aging Wedding Invitation

The concept is “grow old with you” so when you flip the pages of this wedding invite, you see the couple’s faces get older (10 years, 20 years, 40 years). So sweet!

Floppy Disk Wedding Invite
floppy disk invites

I hope to god we don’t have to insert this to any PC to get the details. Thankfully, this is just a “save the date” reminder (there’s such a thing). So the real invitation, as stated in the disk, is to follow. Whew!


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