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4 Musts of CD Packaging

ShareAs they say, music alone will not sell. CD Packaging design is one of the reasons why the hard format is still alive. When everyone is going digital, it is wise to offer fans something that cannot be downloaded.  Do not just give them ...


Similar Album Covers: Anal Bums!

ShareThe original and the most famous anal bum album cover is from Bruce Springsteen with his 1985 album Born in the USA. The artwork became so iconic that a lot of other albums imitated it. Let’s take a look at some of them… Scissor ...


Indie Filmmaking: 4 Ways to Get More Funds

ShareAs I’m unwinding from AFM last week, it occurs to me that while many of you are experiencing Distribution Overwhelm, even more of you are experiencing Finance Overwhelm. Why? Because unless you have 100% cash in bank to make your film, what ...

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