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band fighting against each other

Six Main Causes of Band Squabbles

ShareBands that are not yet established go through a lot of arguments and squabbles because they are completely on their own- they have no leader who dictates the rules. Even if they did appoint one from the band, the others would –sooner or ...

CD Packaging: Forrest Day

Share Artist: Forrest Day Album: Forrest Day Label: Ninth Street Opus Records Concept:  Forrest Day Model: Lisa Gemmiti Year: 2011 The Bay-area bandleader who released his self-titled full-length debut came up with the design and enlisted ...

tyneham house cardboard cd packaging

CD Packaging: Tyneham House

Share Artist: Various Album: Tyneham House Label: Second Language and Clay Pipe Music Art Director/ Designer: Frances Castle Year: 2012 This is a melancholic tribute for the tiny Dorset village of Tyneham, which was requisitioned by the ...

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