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Why Design and Print Your Own CD Case?

ShareTechnology has made it possible for all music enthusiasts to create their own tunes directly out of their home. What happens when you wish to make your own CD album and sell it? You need a way to replicate, design, and distribute your music. ...

The Ins and Outs of CD Duplication

The Ins and Outs of CD Duplication

ShareDespite the digital shift, when a new album comes out, countless fans still flock to the stores or go online to buy a physical copy of the music. Thus, CD duplication is not a dead art. In fact, artists worldwide still rely on companies to copy ...

blu-ray packaging for your business

Seal the Deal with Bluray Packaging

ShareThe last two decades have seen a monumental jump in movie equipment. From bulky VHS cassettes that had to be rewound, to DVDs that were prone to scratching and skipping, the world has finally arrived at Blu-ray technology. These small discs ...