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5 Cardboard CD Cases That Look So Good But Are Actually Cheap to Make

Making a really good-looking CD packaging shouldn’t be too costly if you choose the right CD case and come up with an excellent CD design. If you make 300 or more of these cardboard CD packaging, they can be so dirt cheap you wouldn’t ever consider choosing anything else. If you can’t imagine cardboard CD cases to look classy, here are some cardboard CD cases that look so good but are really just very cheap to make:




It’s simply elegant on the outside but funky cool on the inside. It’s perfect for your wedding DVD, company CD, or demo reel CD because it’s thin and uncluttered. It’s the kind of CD packaging that won’t give the recipient a hard time because it’s light and not at all bulky. Custom CD wallets such as this cost $0.50 or even cheaper.




The CD case has been branded modestly with just a cracker snap on display that has to be broken in order to open the slider. Information and track listings can be found on the inside of the case. This type of CD packaging is more complicated than the one above. However, if you buy in bulk, it can still be pretty cheap. Via: Dcottrell



The DIY appeal of this cardboard CD case makes it charming and hip. Multiple discs can be placed in each slot to maximize packaging space.




If you want to have a fun, unique packaging, then the Pop-up, foldable CD case is our number one recommendation. Your clients and fans would definitely adore it because it’s not like all the other square CD cases. Bonus: It’s one of the cheapest CD cases to make.


hand stamped CD packaging

For the front cover, use a stamp with a rocker mount so that strong and consistent pressure could be applied. For back cover, use a regular flat stamp. If you want to DIY, they advice using an ink pad much larger than the face of the stamp so the work is seamless and fast. But for best results, just let a CD replication company do the work.  It’s probably cheaper that way, too. 
Unified Manufacturing is an L.A. -based one-stop-shop that offers very affordable CD/DVD/USB replication, custom printing, promotional products, warehousing and fulfillment and many more. If you need an Instant Quote on a project and you want FREE SHIPPING, simply CLICK HERE.


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