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5 Rules for Making a Creative DVD Packaging

For me, you don’t have to throw big bucks for your DVD packaging production for it to become the talk of the town. Some of the most flamboyant DVD packaging have the lamest concepts. Sure, there’s a bigger chance you will create an impact, but there are smarter ways than having a big box that costs a fortune, right? Yes, there are smarter (and safer) ways.

Here are some more tips if you want to make something creative for your DVD packaging:

When it comes to the actual artwork, Less is more. I examined my DVD rack and found out that the DVD packaging that attract my eyes usually have a minimalist look- not too many colors, not too many texts. I think a minimalist approach works well because the DVD case is so small for too much clutter. But wait, the less is more method works well for billboards as well. This is because people are seeing clutter everywhere and their attention span is as quick as lightning. You want your DVD packaging to stand out, or at least have its own glow, in the store. You do not want it to be a colorful haze on the background.

Use a case with dimensions similar to the standard cases. This isn’t a rule but more of a must-follow tip. You must follow or die paying the extra charges. Sure you can make whatever DVD packaging you want but don’t expect every retailer to sell it or every customer to buy your DVD.  Some DVD retailers have racks that fit standard DVD cases only. If your DVD packaging is as huge as an encyclopedia, then they need to look a space for it. This means, you get to pay more. And the bigger and heavier the packaging, the more expensive is the shipping cost.  Another disadvantage of not following the standard amaray size is that some people, especially the ones who have obsessive-compulsive behavior, find it annoying when a case doesn’t fit the shelf. Collectors may love your custom DVD packaging but the regular crowd might not find it too neat.

Add a little bait. With the kind of economy we have, people are pinching every penny to get by. And with too many entertainment sources like the internet, iPhones, and TV shows, selling them your DVD could be quite a challenge. Why would they buy your DVD? Sure, your film is good (really,really good), but it will soon be available online for free consumption in just a few months, right? They’ll just wait for it. This is why a little bait might help. Give them a soft nudge. You may add a raffle code, an invite for your Film screening, a postcard, a download code of some behind the scenes footage or a cool game. You get the picture. Think of anything that could lure your fans and supporters to buy your DVD.

Emphasize Your Website Address. Most DVD packaging do not emphasize website URLs. The address just blends in the sea of letters. Instead of putting another quote/review from someone about your film, why don’t you reserve a good room for your website address! If you’re indie, you want to create a good following. You want to build a community that might help you with your second, third, fourth film. The best way to do this is by having an interactive website and keeping them hooked! Just having their e-mails is such a big help for your career as a filmmaker.

Put a QR Code. They do look ugly but that little graphic code will attract those curious people with iPhones. So you have a teaser at the back but some people want to know more before purchasing anything. Just a simple snap from their smart phones will lead them to your website. This is always a plus.


So, you see? You do not have to spend big bucks to have a good-looking DVD packaging. These simple tips can add extra big points for your DVD’s marketing strategy.


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