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How to Really Achieve Your Goals in 2013

It’s that time of year again where we buy planners and make New Year’s resolutions and set life-changing goals.

I’m sure you have plenty of goals for your band in 2013 and you can’t wait to make them happen.  This is your year, right? But are you sure that you can do them this time around? I’m sure you’ve made plenty of goals in the past five years and you got disappointed a lot of times. Here are some tips to achieving goals in 2013:

1. Set realistic goals. Before anything, make sure your goals are achievable in one year. It’s okay to be really,really optimistic and set huge goals but you have limited time. If you only have 1,000 likes on Facebook which you built 3 years ago, don’t aim to have a million hits this year. Sure, you can achieve 1 million if you have a music video that goes viral or if you buy likes, but let’s set goals that do not require miracles because we’ll end up disappointed when the miracle doesn’t happen.

2. Break ’em down into small chunks. Let’s use the 1,000 likes on Facebook again. How can you break this down? Divide this number into four so you can check your quota per quarter. This means, you only need 250 from Jan- March, another 250 from April- June, and so forth. You can break it down further to make tasks seem easier and doable. So let’s divide it per week. One quarter has more or less 12 weeks. That means you only need 20 likes per week to achieve your goal. That’s just your quota. Of course you can do better than that. But don’t forget you have other goals.

3. Involve Every Band Member. Set goals together, achieve goals together. There’s no other way to do it if you’re in a band.

4. Check Your Goals Weekly. Checking them daily is ideal but it could be strenuous which could lead to burnout. Let’s stay away from burnout!  Set your alarm and have a weekly meeting with the rest of the band to update on your progress. This kind of discipline is very important especially because you are a group and you all need to be in the same page. If one slows down or stops doing his task, everyone would suffer (either from the direct consequence of the non-action or from bad morale). Do this religiously and it’s impossible for you to fail.

5. Reward Yourself for Achieving Big Milestones. You have to celebrate whenever you’ve achieved big goals. If you got an interview from a certain magazine or famous blog, buy pizza and call the boys. This small celebration will increase your confidence and push you to achieve the rest of your goals.

Just follow these tips and you get 90% chance of achieving all your goals for 2013. It should have been 100% but let’s leave a 10% in case something really unexpected happens which forces you to abandon these goals altogether. Hope that won’t happen. Don’t stop believing in your capacity to get what you really want in life. Go for big goals but take baby steps. You can do it!


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