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Common Reasons for CD Duplication Errors and Their Solutions

So you’re almost ready to release your album. The release date is set and the booze is in the chiller…but where are your CDs? Oh, you’re not worrying about it because that’s the easiest part: CD replication. I say, don’t underestimate it, brotha! Sure it’s not as hard as composing music or recording music or mastering music, but it still requires your full attention or else you won’t hand CDs on your CD release party. Here are some common CD replication issues you might encounter and how you can avoid them:

RUSHING. Unless we’ve pressed your CDs before and you’re just requesting for re-orders, anything rushed is bound to have flaws one way or the other. For example, typos may be overlooked if you’re in a rush. One typo is okay but having five is just unforgivable. Do not expect the printers to spell check for you because that is simply impossible for us to do. We can’t check each work of each page of each project primarily because you are the only one who’s capable of knowing if the copy is correct. Whew! That’s just typo alone. There are many, many other things that could go wrong when doing things in a hurry. This could lead to repeat work which would cost you lots of money.

Solution: Set at least 2 weeks for CD replication. That time includes approval of materials, test/sample prints, additional edits. Basically, room for error. Most replication companies quote 1-2 days for CD replication but it only means the CD production alone. CD packaging printing, sample prints, etc may not be included in the quoted time.

NOT DOUBLE CHECKING. CD duplication companies will ask you to check the final materials before they reproduce hundreds, if not thousands, of copies. Make sure you really check them or else you’d regret it terribly. You don’t want to blame your designer or mastering engineer or any other person you hired because you thought you understood each other perfectly. What if they sent the wrong version? What if there are slight errors? We couldn’t tell for sure that’s why we ask you to double check before we start printing. And then, we print a sample and send it over to you for another check. You MUST double check!

Solution: Don’t be lazy. Sure, you’ve checked your content a million times before and it’s driving you nuts to listen to the whole thing one more time. Or you’re so fed up with reading and rereading the text in your packaging/booklet, but that’s absolutely necessary.

NOT GIVING A DEFINITE DEADLINE. Don’t just say ASAP because every project is ASAP. Be clear when you need it and make sure you and the CD replication company agrees to it. ASAP doesn’t mean anything nowadays so you have to be as clear as day.

Solution: Set a clear deadline, make sure the CD replication company can meet the deadline, and make sure you put everything in writing.

NOT BEING CLEAR. Some people are very skilled at giving clear instructions and being organized. However, a majority of us are scatter brained. We sometimes give one instruction at a time, making the CD replicators confused and exhausted and dizzy. Remember that these folks are getting too many e-mails a day. Plus phone calls, plus packages, plus walk-in clients…you get the picture. Sure, it’s the company’s duty to get every instruction you tell them, however, you have to help them, too. The first thing is by being very clear with your instructions. 

Solution: Use only one e-mail, do not keep composing a new one when you need to send something so that you can track everything in one thread. Next, be clear with everything you need and want before contacting the company. Lastly, always check if you’re both on the same page.

For a worry-free, hassle-free CD replication/duplication, hire Unified Manufacturing. We are here to guide you every step of the way to avoid unnecessary stress and expenses.

Unified Manufacturing is an L.A. -based one-stop-shop that offers very affordable CD/DVD/USB replication, custom printing, promotional products, warehousing and fulfillment and much more. If you need an Instant Quote on a project and you want FREE SHIPPING, simply CLICK HERE.


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