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Grammy Nominees for Best Record Package 2019

Be the Cowboy, Mitski

The record is on clear red vinyl in an spot-UV gatefold (the letters are hidden), and features an exclusive lyrics and photo book. It has plenty of cool pictures and a mini-essay.


Love Yourself: Tear, BTS


Masseduction, St. Vincent


The Offering, The Chairman

Special limited edition packaging designed to look like a pack of Red Sunset cigarettes as seen in the short film. Cassette includes 3 panel J-Card, Norelco box, and O-Card Slipcase. Featuring logo design and artwork by Chrome & Lightning and They Design + Film.


Foxhole – Well Kept Thing

Package Design for post-rock band Foxhole by Harold Apples, known for his mono width complex designs, for their new full Length LP “Well Kept Thing” released on the esteemed Burnt Toast Vinyl records from Philadelphia Pennsylvania. It’s their first album in 12 years and most likely their last full length, so the mono-width package design is laden with references to the bands history together and homages to song titles. Letterpressed by Stumptown Printers in Portland Oregon in hot blue ink and a blind emboss layer on thick French Pop-Tone Pink Lemonade Paper housing a clear red and blue splatter stamped vinyl record with a black and gold ink label.


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Grammy Nominees for Best Record Package 2019

Be the Cowboy, Mitski The record is on clear red vinyl in an spot-UV ...

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