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8 Impressive CD Mailers and CD Folders

If you need to mail a CD or DVD, you might as well put it in something beautiful (yet still sturdy, of course!). Here are some of the best mailers and folders to impress your recipients:

CD wallet

This is one of the most affordable mailers and could still look pretty, too.

Cardboard Folder

CD Folder with pop-up CD slot

A great way to promote your company and services because there’s plenty of space for artwork and text. It looks classy, too.

CD in Hardback (sturdier than the folder)

This is just like the CD folder but 10 times more sophisticated. This is good for special releases and something to give the VIPs.

Foil Bag

I love the minimalism and sleekness of this packaging.

Standard Corrugated CD Mailer

Fiberboard construction folds easily and is so sturdy to handle the bumps and stress while being transported. With a packaging like this, you can be your CDs are safe. However, if you want to be more creative, you can customize your own corrugated mailer.

Cardboard CD Case

I love how this is very much just like a CD jewel case except that it’s cardboard and is therefore easier to transport and it looks stylish.

Bubble Wrap

This is the kind of CD mailer you can buy at a bookstore. To add oomph to this case, you might want to put a sticker like what Bosco did here:

There are so many options for packaging your CD for the mail. It’s great to really consider it when shipping your CD because it can add impact to your brand. If you want to customize a CD mailer or a CD packaging, we’re here to help you. Check out our website and Facebook page to get an idea of what we can do for you.


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