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Indie Record Label: Interview with C400 Recordings

Record label Name: C400-Recordings

Owners: Analoge (Owner), Turtle-wax (Co-Owner)


Hi Analoge! Thank you so much for allowing us to feature you and your record label on our blog.  First off, Could you tell us something about yourself.

You are very welcome, Unified. I am a producer/DJ/Studio Sound Engineer and I have been in the industry since 1988. I started with music when I was 4, playing my first guitar (self taught), as I was brought up in the Electronic music era (1980s) with the like of Kraftwerk, Human League, Depeche Mode and others. It was the synth that caught my attention. I was 14 when I made my first track, using Tascam 4-Track with a Yamaha DX and a Korg Drum Machine as a starter. I love making music and when I got older, I want to discover new artists and assist them with their career.

How did C400 Recordings start?

This whole thing started out with a small group of Mc`s, Dj`s and producers who want something more than just making their own music. C400 Recordings was born in 1995 by  Dj Slam Dunk, Philip White and KP, and me. We all want to assist unknown musicians in achieving the career they want. In 2001 Lisa Jones aka turtle-wax is our new co-owner on the media audio.

This is Turtle-wax (Lisa) aka company manager, modeling the C400-Recordings T-Shirt.

What kind of music does C400 produce?

Most of the music we produce are Techno/House/Dubstep/Drum and Bass/Breaks but we are open to anything else that pops into our minds.

How do you keep up with all the changes that are happening in the music industry?

It helps to keep in regular contact with other labels and keep in contact with fans, just to see what new things they are looking for and how we can help bring that forward. As with most industries, everything changes all the time( ie. music type) so having contacts elsewhere helps a lot. I’ve always been a strong minded, forward thinking kind of person, so I always have new musical ideas in my head that stand out and that is what keeps our reputation.

This is Analoge with MC PaddyManski and one of the fans from a live performance in Manchester

That’s a very sound tip. How do you see the record industry in 10 years?

The record industry is getting tougher year by year especially with vinyl sales as everyone is buying digitally. To keep up with the change, we also sell our stuff online and I think that is where everyone is heading. Hmmm…10 years. Anything can happen in 10 years really, it’s hard to predict.

Yes, 10 years is too far away I cannot imagine what the world will be like by then. Today there are lots of musicians who want to start an indie record company. Any advice?

Don’t put restrictions in place, it may only make things fail. Keep your options open and be open minded. Be open to variety.


What do you like best about your job?

Communication with staff and traveling worldwide are the main things, but I also like the challenge.

What do you hate most about your job?

Not having enough time to do what I need to do!!


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