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The Music Marketing Trends You Should Try This Year

It’s not easy to be an indie musician today. You have to do everything including marketing your stuff. Good thing there are so many ways to do it thanks to the internet. But because there are so many ways to do it, that means you should strategize. Which ones are you going to focus on and which ones you won’t even try. Here are the top music marketing trends you should consider:

#1. Live streaming

Make an intimate connection with your fans, effortlessly, by live streaming whatever you’re doing as long as it doesn’t involve the bathroom and the kitchen sink. Or…wait. Maybe the kitchen sink is okay, too. It doesn’t take much effort yet it’s a good fertilizer. It’s now a matter of where you want to Livestream—Facebook, Instagram or Youtube. Test it out and see if it’s something for you.

#2. Stories

IG stories, Facebook stories. More and more musicians are using this platform, too! There are some people who prefer to check the latest happenings using messenger or Instagram. You can post your latest gig scheds, or whatever you think tickles the fancy of your fanbase.

#3. Creating cool press kits

you do not want to make something less than outstanding, right? These record companies and press people receive bazillions of press kits from all sorts of musicians every single day and you do not want yours to be included in the pile that’s to thrown in the trash bin. No siree. You want that the moment your envelope reaches the hands of the right people, they would stop for a minute and actually read through your write-up and go “hmm…looks promising”. Same goes with your electronic press kit (EPK). Invest some time in really coming up with something cool.

#4 Podcasts

Level up on engagement by making podcasts. You can gain more followers this way if you talk about specific topics about things other than your music. What else are you really passionate about that’s still connected to music but not specifically to your band?Set up a podcast channel on SoundCloud and give it a go! It can be your expertise, something that really interests you, something you’re really passionate about. You can even have interviews of other bands.

#5 Remixing and covering songs
If you’re new in the game, you’d want to remix or cover more famous songs and simply post them on Youtube. It’s one way to get noticed. It’s also great to insert some covers during gigs for the ones who want something more familiar to the ears. Just make sure you know the legal stuff when it comes to covering songs. You simply can’t include them in your album, for example.


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