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Vinyl Record: Inner Dynamics- United We Fly

Packaging and graphic design: Alexandra Alexandridou
Project Type: Produced
Client: United We Fly
Printer: En Typo Erga
Packaging Contents: Vinyl Records
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Offset, Emboss

Record sleeve design for ‘Inner Dynamics’ by Theodore. Edition limited to 100 copies.

‘Inner Dynamics’ is a conceptual music album exploring the two sides of one’s personality, the conscious and subconscious one, with strong references to the artist’s personal experiences and thoughts.

When we think of conscious, we tend to imagine something well organised, constructed and easily conceivable. On the other hand, subconscious brings to mind blurry, disoriented and confusing images. Some processes of understanding these two brain functions require from one to gain better knowledge of primary schemes and meanings.

Starting with these general points, I thought of creating a blueprint of the human brain, with two views of it designed, the top and the side one. The top view is fully symmetrical with sharp edges and clear linear paths. The side view, though, is more relaxed and movement goes on all directions, following circular paths.


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