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CD Manufacturing: Things to Bring and Think About Before Stepping Inside a CD Manufacturing Company

If you are about to release your very first album, it is a good advice that you get everything ready before you head to your CD manufacturing company.  If you come well equipped, your CD manufacturing company would save plenty of man-hours and you would save plenty of money and headaches caused by production delays. Additional fees may be charged by some CD manufacturing companies if you lack the correct materials. So better have them all ready.

Here are some things you should bring and think about before you step inside your CD manufacturing company:

Make sure you have a flawless mastered CD. The customers cannot tell whether your CD is replicated or duplicated but they can definitely notice poor sound quality. Bear in mind that the CD manufacturing company will duplicate it to perfection. Any problem with the content and the sound quality is solely your responsibility. It is necessary that you let your CD be mastered by a professional if you do not want to be publicly humiliated by your work and if you want to have a bigger shot at achieving your dreams. CD Mastering will ensure that the levels of all tracks are consistent, the fade-outs and spaces between tracks are even, and that the whole audio is solid and clean like a pro.

Make sure you have hi-resolution copy of your artwork. If you want the CD manufacturing process to be faster, then you should already have the final copy of your album cover and CD packaging design ready. Most of the delays of CD production are caused by the endless revisions of album art.

Get your album copyrighted. Once you get all of your songs on your album recorded and mastered, you will have to get them copyrighted to protect all of your hard work. You do not want people to use your songs without your permission, and for free. If you want your song to appear on the radio, television shows & commercials, sign up with one of the Performing Rights Organizations to collect a royalty check

Estimate a good number for demand of your CD. In order to cut down costs and to save time, you should have a good estimate of the number of CDs you want to produce. You do not want to be like other bands that make 10,000 CDs only to sell a couple of hundred. Not only will it be depressing, it could also add to your anxiety as you try to pay for lots of debt for the idle CDs gathering dust in your basement. You need to be wise especially since you are still a rising artist-Every decision has a major impact in your career. If you only had 6 live concerts with a small turnout, then do not be too eager to produce thousands. A good number is 1000 CDs because as a new artist, you’re not likely to run out and it can cut donw your costs because most CD manufacturing companies require a minimum number of 1000 for discounts. Another option is to order in very small quantities, say 50-100 pieces and reorder as you sell them. You’ll pay more per unit but the amount would definitely be as big as your loss for piles of unbought CDs.

Decide whether you want to replicate or duplicate. CD replication and CD duplication are the two ways to mass-produce CDs. CD replication offers a very great quality but the production process is more meticulous and expensive. When discs are replicated, a glass master is made from the master copy that you send to the manufacturer. Creating a glass master is costly and could cause a constraint to short-run orders. CD duplication is the simple copying of whatever master CD you send in onto a CD-R. It is like burning a CD in your personal computer but it no longer considered as a poor substitute for CD replication. It is not likely for customers to distinguish the quality of a replicated and duplicated CD. CD duplication is more cost-effective and is recommended when you need to produce 1-10,000 discs.


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