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Top 3 E-mail Marketing Don’ts

Mispelled Names

We are all vain and we automatically hate people who forget our names, mispronounce our names, or misspell our names. It makes us feel like an unimportant, irrelevant, ugly doormat. So if you want people to hate you and your film, band, or business…well, you know what to do.

I get it why you want to include people’s names in your e-mails as much as possible. You want your e-mail blasts to appear like they’re not sent out to millions. You want to have that ‘personal touch’ to get through people. You want to say “hey, this is not just a marketing campaign”, I actually do care about you because I somehow know you.

Last week, I received an e-mail with the subject like “How are you, Unifed Manufacturing?” . Well, since I’m into marketing, I opened the e-mail anyway just to see if we’re just misspelled in the subject line. Apparently, they’re consistent and we’re spelled Unifed (not Unified) all throughout the mail. Great!

Thanks for making us feel extra special.

That’s the challenge of those who want to get personal with their e-mails. There is a chance that you will turn off some recipients just by missing the letter “I” of their names.  If you do not consider yourself as an organized person, hire someone who will check and recheck every contact information you input in the e-mail system.

If you want to have that ‘personal’ approach, please do it right. Do it right or people will hate you forever for it.


Deceiving Subject Lines

How many times have you received e-mails with shocking subject lines only to find out that it’s from a company who wants to sell something? Isn’t that just one reason why we hate opening our e-mails?

Here are some examples:

Subject line: Sorry

E-mail content: “Sorry, you just missed our offer, but you can still blah blah blah…)

Urgh. And we thought that’s from a friend whom we had a fight last week.

Subject Line: Hey Matt, It’s me!

E-mail Content: Do you still remember me? You attended my 2-day seminar 2 years ago and blah blah blah…promote, promote, promote.

I have nothing against promoting your business online but a subject line like this is deceiving. It makes the recipient feel like he was lured just so he will open the e-mail. The subject line suggests that they’re really long lost friends who shared certain life experiences when in fact, they aren’t.

Subject Line: URGENT!!!

E-mail Content: Hurry! You only have 2 more days left to get your free burgers. Give us call now blah blah blah.

This kind of e-mail causes anxiety and stress. Never ever use this. Please.


Hard to Find Unsubscribe link

When you are planning to partner with a company for your auto-generated e-mail blasts, make sure their unsubscribe button is easy to see.  It’s much better that some prospects unsubscribe to your e-mails than having lots of them complain and cut connections with your company. Getting e-mails that you don’t want is just so annoying and getting e-mails with the unsubscribe harder to figure out than China Town is far worse. All of us hate that feeling that we’re being tricked so always give them that option.  That option should be as obvious as your tricky subject line.


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