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Best of the Best: Our Top Advice Articles for Indie Musicians

Hi folks! What have you been up to? Aside from the usual busyness of making CDs, vinyl and whatnot, we’re revamping our website so it would be easier for you to view our products and send an order. We also have an Instagram account (Please follow us, wuhoo!). Meanwhile, do check out some of our articles. You can pick a nugget of wisdom or two, that’s for sure. Happy reading!


Tips From Musicians Who Always Sell A Lot During Gigs
Shirt+ Vinyl Bundles= the way to go.
Add-ons That Instantly Boost Merch Sales
9 Tips for Designing Band T-shirts


Setting the Price of Your CD: Six Things to Consider
6 Signs You’re Not Yet Ready to Release an Album


5 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From OK Go
Famous Musicians and their Gimmicks
17 Famous Martin Atkins Quotes on Music Career
Transform Fans to Super Fans- How to Build a Loyal Fanbase


How Artists Can Achieve Balance Between Money and Passion
Money-saving Tips for the Frugal Musician
Productivity Hacks for the Full-Time Musician
7 Traits Every Musician Should Develop
Female Musicians With Kids Talk About Their Challenges


Networking in Music: 5 Ways You’re Doing It Wrong
Types of People to Avoid in Your Music Career
Marketing Mistakes That Almost Everyone is Making
Common Mistakes Indie Musicians Make (by Musicians and Industry Pros)


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