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T-shirt Packaging: Some of the Sleekest Ways to Package Your Tees

T-shirt packaging should reflect the personality of a company, band or individual. Therefore, the t-shirt packaging is just as important as the t-shirt itself.  Even a plain t-shirt that’s placed in a good packaging becomes extraordinary. If you’re looking for a t-shirt packaging inspiration, here are some of the sleekest t-shirt packaging around:

T-Post, the Swedish t-shirt subscription service with each month’s design being based on a news story.  It’s a great idea if you want to promote your company with  using great copy and images. It’s a t-shirt packaging that doubles as a brochure/ marketing folder. Awesome or what?

This t-shirt packaging is designed by Duoido. The simplicity of the shirt matches perfectly with the clean-looking cardboard t-shirt packaging.


This is probably one of the most protective way to package your tees, unless you have a metal case, then maybe it’s the metal case. This plastic t-shirt packaging keeps your shirts dry and bug-free. Both store owners and customers would surely love that. Plus, just look at how handsome it is!


What I love about this is…everything! It has all the right elements that make an elegant yet hip t-shirt packaging- from the font of the text to the red strap.


The cut-out is just so intricate that it’s enough to make you want to own the t-shirt packaging alone. It has the perfect size for mailing so it’s extra convenient. What more can you ask for in a t-shirt packaging? Beauty and functionality in one!

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