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bee gees funny vinyl sleeve artwork

Vinyl Sleeve Artworks That Are So Bad They’re Good

These vinyl sleeves are like B movies…or your first kiss— they’re sloppy, they make you cringe and cry at just how bad they are. What were they thinking, right? But it’s exactly because of their ugliness that they’re impossible to ignore. In fact, you might even get to like some of them. Just check out these cringe-inducing vinyl sleeve artworks and they’ll follow you into your dreams:

Or, you know, maybe that’s what they told you because they don’t want to hang out.

Because why not?- Barry Gibb

He’s supposed to be the sun, right? Or Poseidon? Or one of the sail boats. Please give us more clues so we can sleep!

Boss: So many things going on here. Let’s go back to boardroom and rethink the concept.

Assistant: Woops, sorry boss. I already sent it to the printer.

Whew. Hell feels hotter with these two in it.

The satin sheets, the blood red roses, that irresistible charm. Dang! We are yours, Fabio.


Shudder Ten Years Later

From concept to execution, they all deserve praise for being so tacky they can crack anyone up. You’d be so lucky if you stumble upon these rare gems.


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